Weight Loss Philosophy

Weight loss can look different for everyone.  We all know there are a thousand different strategies out there and if you muster enough will power, you’ll probably have some success.  The only problem is, most of the time restrictive diets and intense workout plans don’t last, so neither do their results. 

Ask yourself, do I want to be counting calories or tracking carbs for the rest of my life?  Am I able to spend an hour at the gym every day?  Should food really be an endless guilt trip and if I want lasting results am I going to be hungry forever?  For me, the answer is a hard “No”.  Food and movement are meant to be enjoyed.  Fortunately, research is telling us we can do just that.  Enjoy them.  So let’s break down what I can do for you to ensure you get incredible results without going hungry or taking away from responsibilities at work or home. 

Science - I will show you what the balance of scientific evidence suggests for sustainable weight loss and maximum health.

Simplicity - I will give you a simple, personalized, step by step road map to reach your weight goals using lifestyle methods alone.  I will not be recommending any medications, procedures, fancy supplements or products.

Support - I will give you one on one support and group coaching sessions to provide maximum accountability and help you through any plateaus along the way.  I will be in your corner, cheering you on until you’ve mastered the tools to keep you in great shape and great health for life.

Join the 3%

It’s been quoted that a mere three percent of us are able to lose weight and make it last.  When it's done right, though, we can rewire our bodies to stay at a healthy weight for the long haul.

We women have no problem investing time and energy into our family’s needs but too often forget to invest in ourselves.  If you dare to be different, why not take the leap and earn your way into the mighty three percent?

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