“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

Dr. Jennifer Johnston

Hi, I’m Jennifer, a Board Certified Lifestyle Medicine Physician and founder of JJ Weight Loss Consulting.  I’m passionate about helping women across North America gain the skills to reach their ideal weight for lifelong health.

Weight loss changes our body from the inside out.  Most people are shocked to learn that lifestyle alone can be all we need to heal and reverse chronic disease.  Our nutrition, movement, sleep, stress and relationships all play a role in our weight and overall health.  My job is to help women cut through the confusion and create an easy to follow plan that gets them to their goals while improving just about every aspect of their health along the way.

Life is busy, I get it.  I’ve got five jobs, four kids and no time.  But if I don’t make my health a priority, I can’t be the mom and example I want to be for my family.  The good news is, getting in shape doesn’t have to mean spending hours at the gym.  I believe we all have the time and potential to reach our health and fitness goals by making simple, sensible changes in our daily lives.

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